Reproductive Health, Maternal Health and Family planning

ICRHK recognizes that reproductive health services including family planning are essential in enhancing the well-being of women and their families. Ensuring access to voluntary family planning provides women with options to prevent unintended pregnancies while reducing the risk of maternal and child mortality, and improving the health and economic well-being of families and communities. Research demonstrates that family planning is an essential component of achieving development goals for health, poverty reduction, gender equality, and environmental sustainability, including Kenya’s Vision 2030, a national framework for development. Research at ICRHK contributes to knowledge on FP and FP related measurements in Kenya. FP intervention projects contribute to increased knowledge and access, and changes in attitude towards FP. We have also stepped up our interventions against cervical cancer and we aim at curbing the number of deaths from cervical cancer through promoting early diagnosis, treatment of precancerous lesions and where possible linkage to advanced treatment as needed.