ICRH Kenya

Who We Are

ICRH Kenya is an independent organization established in the year 2000. We deal with many aspects under the wide umbrella of 'Reproductive Health': Mother and Child Health, Sexual and Gender-based Violence, Sexually Transmitted Infections, HIV and AIDS prevention, treatment and care, Adolescent Health, improving Services in resource-poor settings that serve also the vulnerable populations. We are performing actual intervention projects and research studies. Our interventions are always coupled with a critical analysis and evidence gathering towards best practices. Whilst even the most basic research Randomized Controlled Trials we participate in will always have a social and local component. All our work is done in close collaboration with local and national health authorities and service providers. The organization is thoroughly based on local Kenyan staff at all levels, with a large majority of women.

Our Vision

To be a Centre of Excellence in Sexual and Reproductive Health Research and Interventions.

Our Mission

To contribute to improve health status of Kenyans by designing and implementing innovative, evidence-based and cost-effective interventions and conduct research capable of influencing public policy and practice in the field of sexual and reproductive health in Kenya.

Our Approach

We design and implement innovative evidence-based and cost effective interventions and undertake research in the field of sexual and reproductive health while; engaging with stakeholders throughout our work, delivering on promises, engaging in policy dialogues rooted strictly in scientific evidence and promoting positive change by ensuring that our outputs are locally and globally relevant.

Our Core Values

In all efforts to fulfil our mission, we are guided by the following core values;

  1. Respect for human life
  2. Innovation and creativity
  3. Integrated approach
  4. Teamwork
  5. Professionalism
  6. Partnership
  7. Commitment to continuous learning
  8. Integrity, fairness, Transparency and Accountability

To translate these values into our day-to-day work, ICRH strives to be a center that engages with stakeholders throughout its work and deliver on its promises, non-partisan, non-political, engaging in policy dialogue rooted strictly in scientific evidence and promote positive change through ensuring that our outputs have both local and global relevance, are accessible and can be applied in the same geographical area where the research is performed.

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