ICRH Kenya

Improving FGM-law enforcement in Europe: dissemination of lessons learned and capacity building of actors in (para)legal field

Team members:
Els Leye, Jessika Deblonde; Marleen Temmerman; José García Añón; Sara Johnsdotter; Linda Weil-Curiel; Naana Otoo-Oyortey


  • José García Añón, University of Valencia, Human Rights Institute, Spain
  • Sara Johnsdotter, Malmö University, Health and Society, Sweden
  • Adwoa Kwateng-Kluvitse, Foundation for Women’s Health, Research and Development (FORWARD), UK
  • Linda Weil-Curiel, Commission pour l’Abolition des Mutilations Sexuelles (CAMS), France



Main objective:

  • To enhance the implementation of criminal and child protection laws on FGM in the EU

Specific objectives:

  • To update, expand and disseminate the review of these laws in Europe (through a questionnaire);
  • To build the capacities in FGM law enforcement for professionals in 5 EU countries (through workshops);
  • To propose a framework for FGM laws in the EU (through steering committee meeting and conference);
  • To formulate practical recommendations for an enhanced implementation of these laws;
  • To disseminate recommendations regarding their enforcement (through conference, website and leaflet).



  • Capacity building: 2 training workshops in 5 countries (Belgium, France, Spain, Sweden, UK) for the following stakeholders: child protection officers, social workers, police, prosecutors, and others, on law enforcement.
  • Research: An already tested questionnaire on FGM laws will be sent to 3 key persons in 25 EU members states



  • Compilation of an update of FGM laws in 15 member states and review of laws in 10 new member states
  • Development of user-friendly webtool on fgm criminal and child protection laws in Europe
  • Organisation of two capacity-building workshops for child protection officers, police officers, prosecutors, social workers and others in 5 countries, focusing on criminal laws and child protection laws, difficulties in their enforcement and how to overcome these, experiences of the actors with implementing these laws
  • Publication of recommendations on law enforcement in leaflet in French, Swedish, English, Dutch and Spanish;
  • Proposing a directive/framework for FGM criminal laws and child protection laws in EU,
  • Organisation of a final conference;
  • Writing paper(s) in scientific journal(s)



  • An updated review of criminal laws and child protection laws on FGM of 25 EU member states;
  • User-friendly webtool on these FGM laws in Europe;
  • Capacity-building workshop in 5 countries;
  • Leaflet with list of recommendations for better law enforcement;
  • Proposed directive/framework for FGM laws in EU;
  • Paper(s) in scientific journal(s).