ICRH Kenya

NEW advanced Master in Global Health

ICRH is proud to be part of this new interdisciplinary Master in Global Health that is jointly organized by five Belgian universities.
Chronic conditions, mental health and ageing, but also the effects of pollution, climate change and migration on health are global challenges of the 21st century. Such challenges can only be effectively addressed through an interdisciplinary, intersectoral, global approach that tackles their multiple causes and consequences. The Master of Science in Global Health provides you with the necessary knowledge and skills to manage these complexities by giving you a sound theoretical basis, mixed with applied classes and an internship.
The Master takes a truly interdisciplinary approach and is open to master degree holders from any discipline.
Registrations are now open and deadlines depend on your nationality. The first upcoming deadline is 1 March for students who need to apply for a visa to study in Belgium.
For more information, visit our website: www.masterglobalhealth.be