ICRH Kenya

SRH education for immigrants in Flanders

Team members:
Katia Van Egmond; Leen Naessens; Bea Parmentier; Marleen Temmerman;


  • ICRH, Ghent University, Belgium
  • Sensoa vzw, Antwerp, Belgium


  • To make subjects like family planning, sexual health, HIV & STI’s discussable
  • To improve reproductive health of immigrants in Flanders


  • A knowledge, attitude and practice (KAP) investigation on reproductive health, among the recently arrived immigrants in Flanders.
  • A review of international literature about reproductive health concerning immigrants.


  • A teaching module, to be used in courses on societal orientation of newcomers
  • A brochure on reproductive health, available in Arabic, Dutch, English, French, Polish, Russian, Serbian-Croatian-Bosnian, Spanish, Turkish