ICRH Kenya

Strengthening the European Network for the Prevention of FGM by building on experiences and results from the early past

Team members:
Els Leye, Soetkin Bauwens; Isabelle Gillette-Faye; Khady Koita


  • European Network for the Prevention and Eradication of Harmful Traditional Practices, in particular Female Genital Mutilation (EuroNet-FGM)
  • Groupement pour l’Abolition des Mutilations Sexuelles (GAMS), France


Main objective:

  • To disseminate and take further the results of former Daphne projects through one basic IEC tool for the prevention of FGM

Specific objectives:

  • To test the results produced by former Daphne projects on female genital mutilation
  • To exchange good practices of other Daphne projects as well as succesful projects from Africa that focus on behaviour change
  • To disseminate the results to all EU Member States through a IEC tool
  • To reinforce the Network and build the capacity of its members


  • First steering committee with ICRH, the Board of the Network and GAMS-France
  • Collection and review of IEC tools produced in the Daphne projects, activity to be performed by ICRH and GAMS-France
  • First workshop for EuroNet-FGM members to assess the review of the tools
  • Second steering committee meeting with ICRH, the Board of the Network and GAMS-France
  • Second workshop for EuroNet-FGM members to discuss behaviour change projects from Africa and Europe and to discuss the content of the draft booklet
  • Finalisation, production and translation of the booklet
  • Dissemination of the booklet by the (all) member organisations of the Network.


  • Informative booklet “Behaviour change towards female genital mutilation: lessons learned from Africa and Europe” (Els Leye, Soetkin Bauwens and Owolabi Bjälkander). The publication gives a review of former Daphne projects and successful projects in Africa on behaviour change strategies, and is available in English, French and Somali.