ICRH Kenya

Brigita Mrima

Brigita is a Registered Nurse as well as a counselor working in ICRHK at the Mvita DICE under the Linkages program.

She started working with ICRHK in 2011, conducting an alcohol research study and later the Transition project.

Brigita is a hardworking and passionate person, easily interacts with others and loves her work.

Emily has been working with ICRHK for over 6 years mainly in the Monitoring and Evaluation department.

Over these years, she has been involved in numerous studies, projects, and surveys. Among them are Kesho Bora, Transition, Haki Yenu, Paser M, Paser S, DIFFER, GBVRC, Alcohol study, MOMI, PLACE study, Moving The Goal Post ( MTGP), LINKAGES and others.