ICRH Kenya

University of Nairobi collaboration


  • ICRH, University of Ghent, Belgium
  • Kenyatta Universital Hospital, University of Nairobi, Kenya


  • To determine prevalences, viral parameters of HIV and HPV and its relation to cervical neoplasia in the general population of Nairobi
  • To determine the effect of contraceptives on the HIV viral transmission/shedding
  • To determine the effect of cytokines and immune components on HIV transmission/shedding


  • Cross sectional study design


  • Phase I of the study did show the adverse impact of HIV infection on patients presenting with cervical cancer. The patients with concurrent HIV infection are 10 years younger than uninfected patients, they also tend to have poorly differentiated tumors, more irradiation related skin, and urinary system reactions and to have poor pelvic tumor control. From these initial findings, a phase II part of the study is to be implemented to answer some of the issues raised in phase I. These studies will also address the issue of contraceptive and microbicides and their relation to HIV transmission/shedding