ICRH Kenya

Violence in Pregnancy: qualitative and quantitative study of the problem

Team members:

Kathia Van Egmond; Marleen Temmerman;


  • To document the prevalence of violence in pregnancy in a pilot region (East Flanders)
  • To test and adept the “Abuse Assessment Screening” tool to the Belgian context
  • To assess the possibilities for referral of victims through a KAP survey among gynaecologists
  • To identify the use of health care services as well as potential obstacles for the victims of violence during pregnancy


  • Review of literature
  • KAP-study among gynaecologists
  • In-depth interviews with gynaecologists and victims


  • Review of literature
  • Determining sample of gynaecologists
  • Interviews with gynaecologists
  • Determining the sample of victims
  • Interviews with victims
  • Screening of patients during prenatal consultations


  • Estimates of the prevalence of violence against pregnant women in East Flanders
  • Validation of the AAS method
  • Adequate referral system forvictims of violence in pregnancies
  • Overview of emergency services in the province
  • Overview of the difficulties and possibilities concerning the screening and referral of victims to emergency services