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Working to Make a Difference

We are proud of our contribution to improving Sexual and Reproductive Health throughout Kenya and recognize that our leadership position in this area is due to the excellence and dedication of our staff, both in the field and in our Mombasa and, Nairobi offices.

Our Commitments to Staff are;

  1.  ICRH Kenya recognizes its staff as its most valuable asset and aims to attract, retain and develop staff members of the highest quality.
  2. Accordingly, ICRH Kenya devotes considerable resources toward ensuring staff members' well-being and ensuring a working environment that is intellectually stimulating and professionally rewarding.
  3. ICRH Kenya undertakes to provide a working environment that will permit staff members to achieve the highest level of personal and institutional performance.
  4. In addition, ICRH Kenya seeks at all times to:
    •Provide fair and equitable treatment to all staff members, comparable to that of similar institutions;
    • Encourage and provide opportunities for personal growth and advancement;
    • Discourage discrimination in every form in employment and in its programs;
    • Provide a safe and well-equipped working environment; and
    • Assure staff participation in decisions and actions of their concern.
  5. ICRH Kenya is an "equal opportunity employer," committed to making staff appointments regardless of gender, race, national or social origin, religion, political affiliation or any other form of personal identity. ICRH Kenya strives to ensure fair and equitable treatment of all staff members.

Career Opportunities

The purpose is to perform the role of liaison with the Counties for resource mobilization, portfolio diversification, PMA program ownership...
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