ICRH Kenya

  • Performance Monitoring and Accountability 2020 (PMA2020/Kenya)
  • PMA Agile Kenya
Performance Monitoring and Accountability 2020 (PMA2020/Kenya)


We are the lead implementer of PMA2020/Kenya project survey. PMA2020/Kenya is collecting data in 151 nationally representative enumeration areas throughout Kenya. The project employs 151 female resident enumerators, 11 supervisors, and a rapid response team to conduct data collection.

PMA2020/Kenya survey progress: 7 rounds of core data collection completed; 2 round of nutrition data collection completed. PMA2020/Kenya publications and request access to datasets can be accessed here https://www.pma2020.org/program-countries/kenya

PMA Agile Kenya

PMA Agile relies on mobile data collection methods to rapidly monitor family planning access in urban populations at the health system, client, population and spatial area levels. The initiative collects, assembles and displays data on indicators that are sensitive to change in institutional performance and to client and community needs, service use and practices. PMA Agile aims to capture information flows on urban reproductive health that is timely, flexible, and adaptable, as well as cost-efficient. The project is in three counties: Kericho, Usain Gishu and Migori.
The PMA Agile project is building a monitoring and evaluation platform that will enable tracking of progress toward and impacts from large-scale projects on their intended results.